From Ideation to Execution – How to Create Your Own Food Brand <br> <br>

From Ideation to Execution – How to Create Your Own Food Brand

How many times have you found yourself looking at gleaming faces after a meal you just served them? You know you have a unique understanding and love for cooking and food, but you are nervous about starting your own food brand for the fear of not succeeding. What if we told you that there is a way to minimise risk and maximise pleasure when setting up your first food brand? If you’ve got an idea and business acumen, we have got everything you need to execute it, and together, we can take over the taste buds of your audience like other restaurant brands in Delhi who have created a name for themselves with what they bring to the plate.

Customers want variety and quality now at the press of a button. Smartphones and digital innovation actually make that possible and provide an opportunity stream for young brands to create a space for themselves even just with an online presence. Being a food brand, the low-cost entry into a cloud kitchen model has attracted many startups as well as established restaurants to introduce a delivery kitchen model into their business strategy.

If you are a Delhi-based food startup or a new player entering the food market, you should have a few things in place — firstly, your business identity, and secondly, a food business concept or idea. Will you be a quick-service entity, full-service restaurant, or adopt a dark kitchen concept? Once you have these answers, creating a brand for yourself is what comes next. How do you want people to identify with you? What kind of customer base would you find your offering attractive? What is their psychographics? And most importantly, where or what space do you have for operating?

A brand and target audience can fall into place as they stem from your concept and offering, but what about the space? Most startups are strapped of investment or extraordinary capital in the beginning and need to be wary of operational costs. That is where companies like the Smart Kitchen Company — a Delhi NCR-based startup — is adding value to delivery on food brands, come into play. Not only does your budget stay in check, but the space you take up at our kitchens also offers you a playing ground like no other. When you start out as a digital or cloud or dark kitchen, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to save on rent, less operational headaches of resources, in-person customer services, and overall a low-risk investment.

In post corona times, as the trend of home deliveries will rise and dine-ins will subside, a cloud kitchen concept is the safest and smartest way to enter the food industry that will witness a lot of flux right now for months and possibly years to come. Cloud kitchens may in fact become the new normal in the food and beverage business. Added advantages of this model also include the fact that, for instance, Smart Kitchen Company will let you focus on the food while the company takes care of providing the equipment you need, diligently designed infrastructure, and support services including data analytics, growth strategy, and marketing support.

Starting a food business from ideation to execution phase then becomes seamless with a cloud kitchen concept. Your only drive needs to be hashing a unique concept, creating a brand that stands out, devising price structures that resonate with your audience, and of course, cooking food that tastes heavenly. Bringing all of this to life is where start-ups like Smart Kitchen Company bring you closer to your dream.