Why Cloud Kitchens

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No Rent and No Capex

Cloud kitchens remove the daunting upfront infrastructure and rental cost for restaurateurs.

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Low Overhead Costs

Higher operational efficiency is achieved relative to brick-and-mortar models due to pooling of resources.

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Scope of Expansion

Restaurateurs can launch mulitple brands and menus efficently, whereas brick-and-mortar structures are more rigid.

Favourable Growth Drivers

Greater digital access, lower data prices, increased smartphone penetration, higher online spending, etc., favour the cloud kitchen model.

Cloud Kitchens

Already Huge Globally

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Attractive Features

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Have low upfront and operational costs

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Offer rapid and cost-effective access to new markets.

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Allow foods companies to experiment and launch new brands and menus efficiently.

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Encourage food companies to leverage technology to increase profits.

Growing Internet Penetration & Digital Democratisation

67% Restaurants would prefer opening a cloud kitchen over a dine-in as thier next outlet

Boom in ordering frequency.

Ordering frequency likely to grow by 18-20%, whereas average order values may reduce by 5-10%

Food odering market in India set to reach 1.5 bn orders by 2022.

Consumers staying online.

Time spent by consumers on food aggregrator apps increased over twoflod from 32 minutes per month in 2017 to 72 minutes in 2019

Food delivery is growing faster than any other segment in the India F&B Industry.


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